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Polska Lonely Planet Poland

  • Wydawca:Lonely Planet
  • W magazynie: średnio wysyłka w 24H
  • Kraj:Polska
  • Liczba stron:456
  • Data wydania:04.2012
  • Wydawnictwo:Lonely Planet
  • Autor:Mark Baker, Marc Di Duca, Tim Richards
  • ISBN:9781741793222
  • Stan:Nowa
  • Język:Angielski

Cena: 70,90 zł

Cena promocyjna: 31,90 zł

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Polska Lonely Planet Poland

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Poland wears its charms lightly, but venture into its heart and you'll find chic medieval cities, fairytale castles and untouched wilderness…all served with an invigorating shot of vodka. This Lonely Planet guidebook features more coverage of this country's beautiful countryside and history, featuring a plethora of architectural and natural wonders. 3 dedicated authors, 57 castles, cathedrals and palaces, 1200 sq km of primeval forest, and countless hidden treasures Inspirational photos and easy-to-use maps In-depth background At-a-glance practical info and comprehensive planning tools Coverage includes: Planning chapters, Warsaw, Mazovia & Podlasie, Krakow, Malopolska, Carpathian Mountains, Silesia, Wielkopolska, Gdansk & Pomerania, Warmia & Masuria, Understand Poland & Survival Guide chapters.